How We Got Started

[We have protected the names for safety]​

Today, we have an immediate need for a young girl we are going to call Grace. She is potentially in harm's way of abuse, and we are ramping up a legal team to help fight for her. We executed an order a few weeks ago that would protect Grace, but unknown to us, there was a jurisdictional issue with our court in Pope County. Our heartbeat has been for Grace to have a voice, a voice to fight for herself and tell her story. She has been robbed of that her entire life. She was immediately taken and put into custody against her wishes and ours. As we struggled with this heartbreaking moment, we began to talk with representatives at the state capital, and they are as passionate as we are about changing the legislation for minors like Grace.

We researched the need and found staggering statistics; In Arkansas, 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused by the age of seventeen. That is only one of the grave statistics. There is a great need compelling our campaign! We are launching the Unlock The Voice campaign not only for Grace, but to help every young girl enduring or coming out of sexual abuse in the state of Arkansas as we seek to rescue Grace and write up legislation to change how justice is delivered to minors in these situations. They must have a voice! It must be heard! Ours won't be silent! Your voice can be a part of the movement for justice.

Two-Fold Mission

Unlock the voice of justice! Wear it and pray it! Stand with us and empower voices like Grace's to be heard.


A beautiful way to extend the message is to sponsor a key. We have several students in our community who need inspiration to fight. Buy a key and gift it or let us help you find someone who needs it.

Where The Money Goes

Prosecution costs such as legal fees and resources for present and future teens in the courtroom seeking justice. Today, that would be for Grace.

Helping cover the cost of students presently coming out of abusive situations for shelter, clothing, food, and basic cost of living expenses.

About Us

We have more than 2 decades of experience with youth in ministry. We are involved in our local community and juvenile system, and we are not satisfied with the voicelessness of teens when it comes to being able to voice their stories and come out of their abusive situations. This campaign began when a teenager was left defenseless after a custody change put her in harm's way. Many teenagers are in abusive situations at this moment and are without a voice. We want to see those voices empowered! We know the keys that empower voices are learning, liberation, legislation, and linking arms. We want to make people aware, give refuge to survivors, make legislative changes, and fight for this cause together with you. If you have your own story, we want to hear it. Your voice matters. Their voices matter. Unlock the voice of justice with us!​